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A Light Sculpture

The Assignment:

In groups of 2 create a light sculpture or light installation using "non-video" materials. Explain your influences and how light is used as the primary medium for this sculpture.

Our Concept:

For this project, I partnered with Alizarin Weissberg and was determined to develop a light sculpture that signifies our mutual experiences as mothers. We coincide that one of our key roles as parents is to protect our children from the outside world, as we subsist in a fast-changing life where learning and execution happen every second, we often questioned ourselves about how much we positively should shield our kids, or how much data we should filter for then?.

Alizarin and I believe that it's imperative to rely on our communities for the well-being and growth of our children hence we require to use as many hands as possible to help us with this parenting duty.

Our Process:

In this sculpture, we used hands as a figure of protection and light that rotate and change colors continually as the representation of the dynamic atmosphere that exists around our families.

The cutout cardboard hands are filtering the changing light, creating a cylinder frame that symbolizes the community that supports our families. The colorful interconnected wired represents the many social relationships that entangle our ecosystems and affect how we develop our motherhood roles.

The rotated light creates a changing atmosphere inside the sculpture, this light travels around the different model components, like the entangled wired and cut-out figures. The light projected beyond the model's boundaries affects our atmosphere and expands the visible dimensions of the sculpture. Correlatively the love and protection we devote to our children transcend beyond our networks and identities.

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