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Dancing with Alexa - Augmented Reality


Brainstorm an augmented reality video sculpture

The Concept:

After volunteering to be 3D scanned in class, my virtual mini-me came alive striving for for all the dance moves that I can no longer do in my human form.

I focused on creating a dance choreography that mixed my reality into augmented reality.

I consider myself a good Latin dancer but never pictured myself as a break-dancer, and you will definitely never find me spinning on my head. I invited two of my virtual friends Lola and the Explorer to follow my lead.

The Characters:

Melissa - She is temperamental, and doesn't like last-minute changes in plans.

Mini-me - Alexa - She likes to try new dances and dares to do challenging dances. Lola - She can't stop laughing and enjoys a good moment with her friends.

The moves:

Mini-me and friends have been practicing Cumbia, getting ready for the big finale, they existed in a psychedelic, colorful landscape

The Big Show:

Enjoy Alexa and her friends in a Colombian Cumbia dance and more!

- An Augmented reality production -

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