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Beatiful Sensor

Group: Yiyao Nie, Arnav Wagh, Haiyi Huang, Alexandra Lopez

Assignment: Your final assignment in this course is to make a beautiful sensor. It can be beautiful in its construction or physical implementation, in its use of materials, or in the resulting interaction. This sensor should be fully functional.

One more Dance!

For the final assignment, we want to improve the Musical Shoes that we made in class by polishing the physical look of the shoes, fixing the sensors, and making both shoes interactive (we only got one shoe to work on in class).

We used synthetic black leather for the overall design, anti-slippery fabric for the bottom, and assembled the sensors over black foam, we created a zigzag stitch with the conductive thread to have a bigger contact surface for the pressure sensor.

We added stiff fusion interfacing to structure the bottom of the shoes, and a plastic net to add structure and flexibility to the top part, and sewed all together with hidden stitching, giving the shoes a cleaner edge.

One more Dance!.

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