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Combine your outside superpowers (skills and interests that you haven’t utilized in this class yet) with the learning from this weekend to produce a unique haptic feedback prototype for an intended application. You can draw on your coding abilities, hardware prowess, fabrication mastery, etc. In your documentation, be sure to indicate what your intended application is as well as what was the focus of your prototyping activities. Capture the experience of the haptic feedback as best you can in whatever media or method makes sense. You can capture it in images, sound, diagrams, sketches, a written description, etc.

Sensual Ankles

Sensual Ankle is a wearable device for your ankles and feet, this device provides a special vibration wave that stimulates the circulation around your ankles and your feet. It can be used at any time you want to set back and relax providing must-needed care for your feet after a long day. It has also a medicinal use that helps in the recovery process after a twisted ankle or injury. The synchronized vibration helps in the reduction of the inflammation of the ankles. The detachable feathers enhance the overall experience giving a sensual feeling to the user.

This wearable gadget is made of high-tech breathable and soft fabric that provides a sense of comfort to your skin, the straps have Velcro which made them easily adjustable to the contour of your feet. This device consists of five vibration motors around the ankle, and two motors on the top of the fingers, each motor can be activated separately, letting the user allocate their preferred area for sensual vibrations.

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