Video Mapping - A Memoir - Colombia


Brainstorm a video mapping installation that brings new life to a physical object.

My Concept:

For this project, I wanted to portray the beauty of my country of origin: Colombia, the beautiful and contrasting landscapes, the numerous species of flowers and orchids, small towns dated from the colonial period, rich culture that trespass my mind. There are innumerable things I love and miss about Colombia, beginning with the unique music like cumbia that makes me dance immediately I listen to it or the stunning and contrasting landscapes, charming small towns, unique flora, and fauna, the vast variety of orchids and colorful birds, among other memories that I hold close to my heart.

My Process:

As I mentioned before I love Cumbia, one of the genres of music/dance most representative of Colombia's culture. I selected the costume that the cumbia dancers wear, a large skirt, and a blouse, as the element of my video mapping installation. I started this project working with mad mapper by projecting and creating a mask of the Cumbia dress, I also add and image of my portfolio as a background symbolizing how this memoir of images overlaps my present time as an artist and a student.

Then I picked many clips about Colombia culture, sceneries and more. I piece altogether following the color pattern of the Colombian flag: Yellow, Blue, Red, plus all the shades of green, which some say is a vibrant color in Colombia's landscapes than anywhere in the world. I outlined this installation together with the joyous sounds and enticing rhythms of Colombian Cumbia.

The Final

A Memoir - Colombia

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