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What is Interaction?

When I thought about the word interaction, I immediately picture myself involve in some kind of action. This movement is the response to a specific stimulus that can be generated by another human being, a living creature, or a piece of machinery, were my five senses are the main receptors and reactors to that cause.

This action is always combined with a feeling, and this feeling is the source of power that generates the necessary energy that is required inside my body to engender this transposition. The five senses: taste, sight, touch, smell, and hearing are the tools that are wired in an orchestrated way to create an interaction.

The feeling is an impulse that goes beyond the five senses, and through a chain of neurons that force is carried to my brain where a series of thoughts are produced. These thoughts are the point of convergence that translate that feeling into a collection of images and commands. The commands in turn are re-transmitted by the brain through the neurons to the senses required to produce a response or reaction.

A reaction using any of my senses or all the senses at the same time. One finger or my whole body. Talking, hugging, grabbing, kicking, crying, whispering or just smiling. Beyond my person, my impulse is perceive by that other human being, living creature or machine. And exactly in the same way the receptor is influence by my action and produce a response. The dynamic of this dialog is an interaction.

It is important to note that feelings and thoughts are not characteristic of machines, as they cannot handled these exact functions and their responsiveness is limited to the purposes pre-conceived in their systems, yet its interactivity responds to our thoughts and therefore to our feelings.

I wonder if there will be someday when machines can feel? ...

And, if it there is, would this be a "perfect" interaction between living beings and machines?

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