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Escher Voyage - Week 4

This week I wanted to recreate this 3D block Escher's design. It is a complex design that incorporates several elements and the repetition of those elements follows an intricate pattern.At first I started building the repeat or basic group of elements.

I decided to leave the yellow squares as a background and create the white squares, and blue and gray triangles.

Then I started using the for loop with the count-Row and count-Column function, this functions allowed the basic design to be repeated vertically and horizontally. the results where not satisfactory as the intricate repeat pattern is not linear, so I had to create more elements incrementing the X, Y position of each one to follow the placement of the basic repeat, I also wanted to create some movement by rotating one of the squares.

I was not happy with the results, the repeat was not working correctly, i have to explore multiple options adjusting the dimension of the canvas and the amount of columns and rows. once I have all the element of the repeat placed correctly I change the colors which help me to create the 3D illusion.

Initially I wanted to rotate all the white squares in their own centers but because of the intricate design of the basic repeat I couldn't accomplished this, and limited the rotation only to one square of the basic repeat.

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