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Final Project Proposal

I started working with letters as a medium for the development of my Pcomp projects. I initially took the letter A and related it to my name. From that point I wanted to create a medium where I not only could see my name but allowed the users to envision their own names or messages in a playful way.

As my name contains 9 letters, I wanted to created a 9x9 grid in which many options or combinations can be encountered

This 9x9 grid remind me of the Sudoku game, where a similar grid is used to arrange numbers 1-9

I want to create my own version of this game where the users can choose their own characters and following some similar rules to play those letters in order to arrange then in a 9x9 grid.

I have done some P5.js sketches using the array and mouse pressed functions with letters.

I am planning on exploring those functions further for my final project.

In the initial phase I will develop a 3x3 grid where each square acts as independent box where the letters are interchangeable with a mousepressed function. If this works accordingly, I will further expand the canvas to a 9x9 grid and implement DOM elements with callback functions that will allow the users change their options.

In a further phase and if time allows I also would like to use the createCapture element to incorporate the user's image into the game like the sketch below where I used this feature and incorporated it into a escher inspire print.

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