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The Wired Birds

The story of this animation is based in my creative process of textile and fashion designs, it tells the story of a girl that love all about birds, the colors, the textures, and their singing. When she is been drawn,she had a vision of many birds flying around her and she wished that those birds can be part of her own fashion-world. While the birls started to appear as she winkle her eyes they moved around the canvas and orderly conform a printed textile pattern. All this patterns are used to create a girls collection of dresses that the girl share with her friends.

I started creating the birds assets using photoshop, separating into layers the legs, wings and beaks.

Then the main character and her friends, having different layers with the legs, heads and arms.

All the characters are hand drawn and translated into photoshop for edit.

Once the preparation of all the assets was completed in photoshop, I started to crate the animation using Adobe After Effects. After playing around with this new tool in a preliminary phase I was able to start my WiredBirds animation. I explored a couple of functions and play placing the camera in different angles and this is my initial animation.

To be continue... As I'm very satisfied with this initial result and as I am getting more learning-experience with the After Effect software I will continue developing this story.

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