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As I started to develop my final project proposal, I encountered many challenges along the way. At first, I tried to implement the constructor function to build each of boxes of the 3 x 3 grid. I successfully created my 9 boxed grid with an HTLM input element where the user can write his/her name.

At this point, I wanted to take that input and translate it into an array that will display letter by letter with the mousePressed function. It was a major roadblock for me, trying to have this function working into my sketch, and after many hands that helped me to understand the functionality of my own challenge, I had to create a new sketch from scratch to accomplish this. at the end I was able to have one workable box that change the input letters as mouse is pressed.

A big wow moment for me!!

After I accomplished this challenge I continued developing this sketch, and incorporated the imaging capture function in a playful way with the idea of allowing the user to see their own reflections in an arranged transparent color tint as the play with the letters of their names by clicking in the center box. As a final touch I moved around in the X and Y axes the images.

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