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The Explorer

This Animation started with the creation of a character using Adobe Fuse, we named her The explorer, as we starting this exploration using new tools for animation.

We play a bit with her facial expressions, and dressed her to be ready explore the new world we will be creating for her.

But first, we transported into Mixamo to added some fun animations.


Once we have the assets, we started to explore a big new world in animation, and learning to use the basic aspects of Unreal, we tried so many times, we created many version of the same world, we encounter issues along the way as the production computers weren't working correctly for this environment.

I our last class presentation we master to create a quick beginning presentation of our animation, as we get very enthusiastic about it we continued working on t after our presentation. At that point we master to have our character running up the rounded stairs, then we decide to created more animations to continue the story-line and when we were downloading the new animations into our project our computer crashed, as a result we lose all. Determine to continue learning about Unreal, we started once again, and we will continue developing our explorer story.

As we are very happy with the primary results, we will continue working on this project over the break in order to complete our storyline.

check back our progress in a couple of weeks. :)

Version 2

We manage to complete the sequence, and add some camera movements.

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