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Hourly Comic Document - Week 1

A Day in New Jersey

Unlikely to my normal student days, were I juts commute to the city back and Forward, Friday was a busy - running errands day around towns in New Jersey.

About my process for this project:, I decided to set up my alarm every hour and take a picture that caught my attention in that instant, at the same time I was thinking in selecting something that it is meaningful to me. I did the write and assemble later. The exercise did not affected my day other than trying to take the picture when I was driving (kidding) I did took those at the light. I though about how much personal info I wanted to share with the class in that process I thought about who will be listening to my stories. I did edit all the pictures using some filter effects, I did reflect about the writing for each picture from the moment I was taking the pictures, the writing part is always the most difficult for me as English is my second language, I was more worry about writing down the main ideas, with the constriction of the format and space. I reflected about the specific and personal details that will connect the audience to my persona.

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