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Sound Storytelling - Week 3

| One Video-clip | One TED Talk | One Concert |

I am inspired by my favorite Latin singer/songwriter Jorge Drexler, and one of his latest songs MOVIMIENTO (movement) in which he expresses his point of view about immigration, with poetic precision and beauty, as is the way of his narrative style.

In my research, I found the original version (Official Video-clip) of this song, which is dedicated to Lorena Ramirez, a long-distance runner from the Rarámuri indigenous community in Mexico, and who won an ultra-marathon running in sandals.

The second version of this song was performed by Drexler a cappella during a TED -talk where he explained the story of the song.

A third version is my own recording during his concert last Saturday, February 10th at the Beacon Theater in New York. I created a soundtrack combining these three different versions, dividing it by verses, cutting, copying, and restructuring it. As a result, each verse is played four times before going to the next one.

1- Official Video clip

2- TED talk

3- At the concert

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