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"Big Box" Store / Hobby Lobby

At this arts and craft store, I found many items that features softness. Most of the selected articles are combined structures between hard and soft. I am interested in exploring this interaction by analyzing how they are engineering.

1- Weaved tray

2- Teepee tent

3- Paper umbrella

4- Net enclosed bottled

5- Zipper

6- Basket

7- Lamp shade

8- Party decoration / wired butterfly

9- Snorkel and mask

10- paper lantern

11- Paper spiral decor


13- Broom toy

14- Circle racquetball

Items like the tray, the tent, the umbrella, the lamp shade, the party decor or the racquetball consist of a soft material that it is attached to a hard structure that support them. In the case of the tent and the umbrella the soft material allows the structure to be folded.

The broom, the snorkel, the zipper and the spatula are example of how the soft materials are attached to it.

The lantern and the spiral decor are made only of soft material, these forms can be expanded due to the way they have been cut and build.

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