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Experimenting with the AxiDraw drawing machine was fun! The Inkscape software was straightforward to install and operate, this software offers multiple possibilities for the configuration and implementation of the designs, the connection, and configuration of the machine were manageable and easy to understand.

I used at first the examples that come with the software, trying and understanding how the machine behaves and how is the interaction with the software. I did not like that you can not stop the drawing if it is necessary, I did have to fix the height of the pen a couple of times and had to turn off the machine.

In order to explore additional possibilities with the AxiDraw, I tried to produce a design that I already had in my Illustrator archive, however, the Inkscape software was complex to execute which took unnecessary time in the implementation of this design. I also had to try many design sizes before I got the right one that fits the parameters of the machine. In the end, the design could not be executed entirely, however, I loved the speed of the engine and the performance of the robot.

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