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DIY Stepper Motor Controller

Following the ITP-Pcomp tutorial "Controlling a Stepper Motor With an H-Bridge" we manufacture and weld a stepper controller circuit which will allow us to control the steppers of our cardboard gantry.

The Parts

(1)L293NE or SN754410 H-bridge

(1) Arduino micro-controller, (1)Solder-less Breadboard, 22-AWG hookup wire

The Process

Once we had all the cables and parts connected according to the circuit diagram and testing that it to works accurately on the breadboard, we transferred all the components to the Perma-Proto Breadboard PCB from Adafruit and soldered them. As a result, we created a compact circuit that would help us to control the motors of our robot.

In general, this lab was a pleasant learning experience. It was the first time I soldered a circuit, and it was helpful that the lab tutorial was easy to understand and to follow. When I was welding the short cables they melted because I overexposed them to the soldering, I had to remove and solder them again.

Next step to follow up is the connection to the our gantries.

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