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Week Two: Lasso of Truth


• Read Lasso of Truth by Carson Kreitzer

• Do the Fuch’s questions for Lasso of Truth – (Post on blog)

• Write your sentences of the story (Post on blog)

– One Simple Sentence

– One Complex Sentence

– Three to Five Sentence version of the story


My sentences of the story

- Lasso of Truth is about understanding the meaning of trustworthiness.

- Lasso of Truth reveals an alternative existence between the unusual life of William Marston - the creator of Wonder wonder and the inventor of the lie detector - and a girl that examines her girlhood heroine. In both realities each character search for the truth of their existence.

- Lasso of Truth is about strong - inspirational women.

- Lasso of Truth is about William Marston real-life muses

- Lasso of Truth is about the influences of our childhood heroines

- Lasso of Truth is about empowering feminist.


Fuch’s questions for Lasso of Truth

What is space like on this planet?

Interior of a home, living room and kitchen, interior of a comic book store, and a restaurant, an apartment.

Interior or exterior, built or natural? built

Is space here contained or wide open? contained

Do you see a long passage with many “stations”? no

Do you see a landscape of valleys and mountains? no

Sea and land? Are we on an island? no sea, no land ,no island

In a cave? In a desert or a jungle? none

On a country road? neither

Now ask about the time

How does time behave on this planet? it switches between two eras, 1940 & 1990

Does “time stand still”? no

Is time frantic and staccato on this planet? staccato

Is it leisurely, easy-­‐going time? Easy – going time

How is time marked on this planet? Title cards and the actions

By clock? By the sun? no

By the sound of footsteps? no

What kind of time are we in? linear time and parallel

Cyclical time? no

Eternal time? no Linear time? two lines

What kind of line? parallel One day? a couples of days One lifetime? partial

Ask about the climate on this planet

Do we have storms? no

Eclipses of the sun and moon? no

Do we have extreme heat? no

Paralyzing cold? no

Is the environment on this planet lush and abundant, life-­‐denying, airless and suffocating? no

What is the seasonal “feel” of this world? none

Autumnal? Wintry? none

What is the mood on this planet?

Playful, serious, demanding, tension, serious, friendly

Jolly? Serious? Sad? Ironic Sepulchral?

What is the tone of this planet? Cerebral, restrained

Delicate or coarse? Cerebral or passionate? Restrained or violent?

How are mood and tone created on this planet?

Through music? yes

Light, sound, color, shape? Light, sounds, voices, title cards projected

What shapes? comic books references

What are their characteristics of space, time, tone, and mood?

How do they relate to the represented world, the world you can see?

The two eras and the different versions of the truth that are simultaneously represented like alternative realities they interlock sometimes, crating a parallel between the two eras represented, 1940's and 1990's

Is this a public world, or private? private

What are its class rules? Aristocratic? Popular? Mixed? mixed

Do you see groups in action, isolated individuals, both? Groups in action

Is there a single central figure, surrounded by a group? Are figures matching off in conflicting pairs? no

Are you seeing (and feeling) the tension of interlocking triangles? yes

How do figures appear on this planet?

Are they inward or two-­‐dimensional? The cartoons projected in the back are two dimensional and the actors playing on the stage are three dimensional

Subtle? yes Exaggerated? yes

Are they like puppets? no Like clowns? No

Like you? (Are you sure?) maybe

How do figures dress on this planet? In rags, in gowns, in cardboard cutouts?

Like us? (Are you sure?) maybe

How do figures interact? By fighting? Reasoned discussion? conversation

Who has power on this planet? The inventor / the guy

How is it achieved? Over whom is it exercised? The wife and the amazon / the girl

To what ends is it exercised? Control or ownership, accommodations

What are the language habits on this planet?

Verse or prose, dialogue or monologue, certainly? All of them

What kinds of language predominates—of thoughts or of feelings? Of thoughts

And what kinds of feelings? Trauma life-experiences and love

Is language colorful or flat, clipped or flowing, metaphorical or logical? Flat, and metaphorical

Exuberant or deliberate? deliberate

What about silences? some

Why was it essential to pass through the gate of the central image to get from the first to the last?

To understand the dynamic relationship between the characters, and the correlation between the two timelines represented

What changes in the landscape of this world?

Does it move from inside to outside? no

From valleys to mountains? From town to wilderness? no

What changes in time?

Does time move from dusk to night? Yes Night to dawn? No

Morning to midnight? No Through four seasons of a year? No

Through the stages of a human life? Partially

Or the stages of eternal, from Creation to Last Judgment? no

What changes in language?

In tone, mood, dress? there are different kinds of tones, questioning, authority, introspection and acceptance

What changes in the action?

Have we moved from confusion to wedding - (romantic comedy)? no

From threat to peaceful celebration - (tragicomedy)? yes

From thread to disaster - (tragedy)? No

From suffering to rebirth - (Passion play)? no

From thread to dual outcome, suffering for evil persons and vindication for good (the basic plot of melodrama)? no

What doesn’t change? Is there a stable or fixed point in this world? An absolute reality? Maybe God? The grave? no

which is it? day or night? both what does that progression tell you? Everyday life

Is the world of the play at the end of the play a transformed world? yes

what has this world demanded of me?

It ask for my own truth, my own version of wonder women, instigates within my own reality as a women, as a mother of two strong women, and as a widow.

Does it ask me for pity and fear? no Does it ask me to reason? yes

To physically participate in the action on the stage? No

Does it ask me to interact with other spectators? Yes To leave the theater and take political action? No To search my ethical being to the core? Yes Maybe this world means only to entertain me? I does entertainment me

But how does it make this intention known? it make me think and research about the story and different facts presented How many performances are signaling to you from inside this world? No idea

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