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Lasso of Truth: Cornell Box

Make a "Cornell Box" that expresses your emotional response to Lasso of Truth.

Lasso of Truth is about understanding the meaning of trustworthiness

While reading the Lasso of Truth, I started to conceive the three-dimensionality of the spaces represented and tried to imagine how each place is correlated with each other. Applying the comic book visual design format, I gathered various sizes of boxes and started to move them around creating two main spaces as significant points of reference in the composition, then I used linear components that not only connected the boxes together but also divided them visually. The Yellow box is related to the 1940’s scene where the Inventor (gray), the Wife (blue), and the Amazon (red) lived, yellow represents the brightness that surrounds the invention of the lie detector and the creation of wonder women. The Red box relates to the 1990’s act, the Boy (light blue) and the Girl (pink) lived in this environment, red symbolizes the intensity that exists in the interaction of these characters. The gold threat is the lasso of truth that questioned each personage about their own meaning of trustworthiness. The rope unfolds around each character representing their own suffocation with the truth and connects them indicating the animosity that exists in their relationships.

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