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Sensor Spring

Group: Yiyao Nie, Arnav Wagh, Haiyi Huang, Alexandra Lopez

Assignment: Using the materials and techniques from the previous workshop, work with your group to develop (3 – 5) sensors to share with the group.

For material sprint exercise, our group tested conductive fiber, Eeonyx stretch sensing fabric, and Eeonyx StaTex conductive fiber.

1- Conductive Fiber

We tried out the conductive fiber, and they are very thin and hair-like. Because of that, we thought of clipping it to our hair and comb it with a comb wrapped with conductive thread. It could be a very cool performance tool as well. The fiber tangles very easily though.

2- Eeonyx Stretch Sensing Fabric

We really liked the stretchy feeling of the fabric so wanted to test it. We got the stretch motion to correspond to pitch change so that when you stretch the fabric, the pitch from low to high depending on the stretch.

3- Eeonyx StaTex Conductive Fiber a. We also tested the fluffy fiber---Eeonyx StaTex Conductive Fiber. We thought that the pressing motion is very similar to pressing keyboard so we made a simple keyboard. We wrapped the fiber with non-conductive material as spacers.

b. We then also used the fiber to make a a pair of headphones. The idea is that if you want to listen to music, you can plug the fiber ball in your ear and that causes the fiber ball to compress and send signal to start the music.

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